Mid-March – Where did that come from?

Well it seems like this year has crept up on me pretty fast, it is already mid-March and I don’t know where the time has gone! I haven’t written anything here at all this year and wanted to provide a little update on what has been happening and also what is coming up in the next few months.

The back end of 2018 was pretty hectic, I started my own business, secured some contracts, moved house, and still managed to attend a few conferences. The start of 2019 hasn’t really been any less intense, moving house late in the year meant it took a lot longer to get settled than expected due to conferences, holiday and other commitments.

Things are finally in a stable place there and I’ve even completed my new home office. That is something I want to write about and hopefully that can be my next blog. Choosing the right desk and setting up a working area that supports productivity and comfort took some time and it is something I would like to share.

I have been writing a series of blog posts over on SolarWinds Geek Speak around Hybrid IT, we are five posts in and the final part of the series is coming up soon. I have really enjoyed this opportunity and I hope that people have enjoyed reading my insights. You can find links to all the posts over on the home page.

In community news I have been once again honoured with being a part of the Cisco Champion and vExpert programs for 2019. Now things are settling down and I have more time I would like to write more in these areas, my day to day work still includes a lot of relevant experiences, I just need to get them out of my head and on to the page!

Over the next few months I have a few events planned. I am lucky enough to be a delegate for Cloud Field Day in April, so look out for a post prior to the event covering my thoughts as a new delegate and what I hope to get from the time. The annual NetApp A-Team ETL event takes place in June, again expect a post or two from me on this. After that I am looking towards the start of conference season, I am not entirely sure which events I will make it to, however I do plan to attend a few of the major industry conferences. When I make my selection I will pull together some details and get them online.

Lastly I am looking at running another competition off the back of the exam vouchers I gave away last year. NetApp University have been very accomodating and have offered up some additional vouchers, I also want to offer up something like a Pluralsight subscription as a prize. The team over at Pluralsight are very involved in the community and offer up free subscriotions to a number of programs. I want to pay that forward.

Lots planned ahead for 2019, just need to get into some better habits with writing and regular posting.


Jason Benedicic is an independent IT consultant that primarly works with Data Centre space. He has extensive experience in Flexpod, cloud technologies and infrastructure as code. He is a member of NetApp A-Team, Cisco Champions and vExpert advocacy programs. He enjoys gaming and motorsport.